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Tendonitis foot Symptoms and Home Remedies

Tendon is a thick cord of tissue that usually connects the mussels to bones. It is flexible, tough and fibrous that helps withstanding tension. Any problem with this tissue develops the pain, inflammation. That inflammation of tendon is called tendonitis. The Foot tendonitis causes of pain in the foot.

Tendonitis foot pain:

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons that develops the pain in the foot or ankle. The tendons are the strong tissues that link mussels to bones. Too much hard working or wrong physical activities, injuries, abnormal foot structure damage the tendons in the foot area and tinny tears occur on its surface. This issue develops the pain, inflammation and stiffness in the foot tendons.

Tendonitis foot

Research shows that human foot contains 26 bones; over 100 muscles, tendons and numerous ligaments as well. Human foot bears the whole body weight and it also helps you to mobile. If you have feel in the tendonitis foot problem then it is very difficult for you to survive with this problem. In the presence of tendonitis you cannot perform your daily activities as normal due to pain and swelling in the foot. It is important for you to immediately start the treatment to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The foot inflammation should be treated by the doctor.

Tendonitis foot symptoms:

The symptoms of the foot and ankle tendonitis depend upon the severity of the condition, stage and location as well. Here are some common symptoms occur due to this problem.

Tendonitis foot


Pain is the one of the first symptom that shows the problem. It can be worse varied with the condition. Pain occurs when some problem starts with the foot or ankle. This pain is initially worse but it reduces after a minute or so. But remember it can be worse again when you walk even for a few steps to leave the bed.


Swelling is a very common symptom in this condition. The swelling usually begins in your foot or ankle in the condition of tendonitis. After few weeks you feel the soft lump produce over the surface of tendon.


Usually stiffness in the foot and ankle develops with the condition of foot tendonitis. The foot and ankle gradually become stiff in this problem.

Tendonitis foot treatments

It is very important for you to treat foot tendonitis in order to get relief from pain and inflammation. The quicker and early treatments will help you to recover soon. The doctors usually recommended ice pack method to reduce pain and swelling. To reduce the pain and swelling your doctor can suggest you to use some anti- inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen, aspirin and others etc for several weeks. In more serious conditions your doctor can refer you to physical therapist for further treatments.

In foot tendonitis condition it is better for you to take rest and allow your body to repair itself. It usually takes two to three months to recover. But without proper treatment it can take much longer time to recover.

Tendonitis Foot Pain Remedies:

Tendonitis foot

Tendonitis in the foot develops some serious issues like pain, swelling and stiffness.These are very hard to bear so in order to relief from these symptoms here are some useful homes remedies that are commonly used in this condition. These homes are very easily applicable and are very affective also.

Olive oil:

It is one of the best home remedy that is used in the condition of tendonitis. The massage of olive oil helps you to give quick relief from pain and swelling. It puts vital effect on your foot. It helps to improve the blood to flow on your foot and reduces the inflammation of tendonitis. It is very effective home remedy you can try it in the condition of foot tendonitis

  • Take 100 ml of olive oil and put it into a saucepan.
  • Warm the olive oil at a light heat and transfer it into a small glass bowel.
  • Apply this warm oil on the affected area of the foot with the help of your finger tips and gently massage it for 5 to 8 minutes. This will stimulate your blood flow in the foot, so do more massage for 15 minutes in order to reduce the pain and inflammation. After few minutes remove the oil with a wet cloth.
  • Use this process for a few weeks to reduce more pain and swelling.

 Ice pack:

Ice pack is also a very useful home remedy in this condition. It is used for a long time successfully to reduce pain and swelling in foot tendonitis. Ice acts like a numbing agent and gives the best result.

  • Take a couple of ice cubes and put them into a towel and tied the loose ends of towel with the help of twine.
  • Put the ice pack towel on the affected area of your foot for 20 to 25 minutes or so
  • You can repeat this method two to three times a day to achieve good results and to reduce pain and inflammation.

Broccoli paste:

Broccoli past is very effective in the condition of foot tendonitis. It also gives the best result to reduce pain and swelling in the affected foot.

  • Take some fresh broccoli and make its past in a blender by mixing water.
  • Apply this paste on the tendonitis foot and wrap it with a cotton cloth.
  • Leave the paste on the effected foot for about 20 to 25 minutes and after that resin it with the warm water.
  • You can repeat this process twice a day. Use this method for a few days until the removal of pain and swelling

Potato paste:

Potato paste is very useful in foot tendonitis condition. It helps a lot to reduce the pain and inflammation in the effected foot.

  • Take a big size of potato and boil it.
  • Leave it to Cool and then mash it completely in the form of paste.
  • Apply this paste on the affected foot and wrap your foot in a clean cotton cloth. Leave this paste on your affected foot for about 30 minutes.
  • Use this process 2 or 3 times a day for a few days to reduce pain and inflammation.


Updated: November 8, 2016 — 6:48 pm

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