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Primary Eye Care Services


Eyes are the wonderful integral part of our body. We see the strange and colorful beauty of awaesome world with the help of eyes. It is said that “health is wealth” but Eyes are beautiful gifted wealth. Nothing is alternative of eyes. So it should be our first priority to take good Primary Eye Care.

Computers, televisions, laptops have made our life comfortable and easy. But every coin has two sides; having too many benefits, these things put some negative effects on our eye health. Excess use of computer and television creates problems for eyes. In recent times eye health cases are increasing day by day.

Eyes are one of the major organs of the body. Eyes enable us to see the wonderful beauty of this world. We enjoy colorful world through eyes which provide us help in working, playing, reading, and other activities of life. Eyes are very important and play vital role to lead enjoyable life. Without eyes there is darkness all around the world. So it is our responsibility to take reasonable care of eyes.

Primary Eye Care

The eye doctor always advice routine eye checkup to detect various eye diseases. Through this check up several eye problems are detected like eye disease, vision problems and systematic eye health problems. Routine eye check up help us to know about the existence of the problems and also about its effects. Eyes examination is very important to maintain the eye health. Doctor made it compulsory to make eye check up after every 6 months.

What is Primary Eye Care  ?

Primary eye care means eye related examination and a complete comprehensive vision. This examination provides help in detecting wide range problems that become main cause of problems for visual functions, for example eye discomfort or blurred vision.

According to the American optometric Associations a periodic, comprehensive eye examination is very important after the duration of every one to two years. The examination is done using computerized technology that is used to assist the evaluation of spectacle prescriptions, peripheral vision and the eye health. This examination is complete save because computerized instruments are used.

Primary eye care examination contains a number of tests that are used to detect problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and also ocular effects of other general diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and medication effects as well. With the help of these tests we come to know the best assessments of eye health.

Primary Eye Care

What are Primary Eye Care Services?

The eye care services are given below in detail.

  1.  Its main purpose is to educate the patients that how to promote and maintain a healthy vision.
  2. Performing a complete examination of the visual system.
  3.  A complete screening is made of Eye diseases and its related condition that affects the vision.
  4. Providing knowledge about ocular manifestation disease and the systematic effects of ocular medications through tests.
  5. Performing different and definite diagnosis in case of any detect abnormality.
  6.  Doctor Performs refractions
  7.  Eye doctor prescribes optical aids and fitting for example glasses and contact lenses.
  8. The doctor provides complete information about their eye diseases, treatment plan, and about their eye appropriate therapies.
  9.  He gives complete information to the patients about their eye disease condition.
  10. He acknowledges and conducts local systemic effects of drug therapy.
  11.  He refers Critical condition patients to specialist for more specialized care.
  12. He also coordinates with other physicians to discuss overall medical management of patients.
  13. He Performs surgery when it is required.

Primary Eye Care Doctor

Eye doctor needs to be seriously involved in the assessments of vision problems. The Doctor observes the actual problem of vision through visual signs, symptoms, or concerns that are present in patients.

It is the physician’s responsibility to give proper education and training to control the majority of problems related with vision. To optimize the patient’s visual function, Primary eye care doctor feels the responsibilities for coordinating eye care services. In this way doctor consult with another physician or health professionals or specialist, and he may refer the patients to other doctors.

The ophthalmologist is a doctor who provides the services of eye care. He or she not only takes the decision to preserve healthy vision in the interest of patients but also performs surgery if it required. Ophthalmologist is well experienced man having 4 years of education and training from medical school of education and also has the experience of 3 or more year of intensive training devoted solely to all aspects of medical and surgical care visual system and eyes.

Why we need Primary Eye Care?

Keep attention to your eyes. The routine wise comprehensive check up of your eyes should be your first priority. Both adults and children should maintain their eye health. In case of any problems with the eyes, take early steps of treatments to stop the signs of infections, diseases and its condition as well. It is parent responsibility to keep themselves aware from vision problem of their kids, as sight problem puts effects on academic accomplishments.

Both children and teenager face serious problems in their life learning abilities due to loss in vision. Kids cannot tell vision problem to their parents so it is parent’s responsibilities to keep on eye of children school performances. If their children is performing badly in reading, and interpreting the objects then should take notice of it in order to maintain their vision.

Are you serious About Your Eyes?

If you feel any problem with your eyes health then you should need to go for regular check up. Resolve this issue of vision in its initial stage otherwise it will be more dangerous condition for your eye health. It is better for you to prevent the problem immediately and take proper care of your eyes.

Eyes become weaker as you grow old. In order to retain your vision at this stage you should take various vitamins like vitamin A in order to maintain your eye health. Moderate intake of essential vitamins keeps your eye in shape. Try Eye exercise in order to make your eye in perfect order. If you take proper care of your eyes then the risk of degeneration will slow down as you grow older.

Primary Eye Care decreases the danger of macular degeneration. Use healthy food and give nutrition in the form of vitamins to your eyes.  Eye exercise and healthy foods reduces the chance of injury, disease and vision loss in cause of any strain or accidents.

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