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Possible Reasons of Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs are considered men’s best friend pet. No love of this world is compared to love of a dogs for their master. But have you ever wondered why do dogs eat grass? Sure, dogs love playing in grounds but munching on grass is confusing to many who have recently adopted dogs. Clearly dogs are not cow, not even associated to them in any way. New masters get scared about the health of dogs.

This very fact depicts even if your dog has a well-balanced diet, it may still want to munch on some grass. Different scientific studies have also proved that many types of grasses do not make dogs to vomit. Many people believe that if a dog’s diet miss any essential nutrient, dog eat grass. This fact has not been proven yet.


  1. Why do they eat it anyway?

Whether they eat a mouthful or nibble on few blades of grass, the answer is very simple. They only like the way grass taste like. If you are a dog owner, you must know that dog loves almost everything that is disgusting for human palate-like filthy smelly socks and gristle meat out of bins, isn’t it? According to scientific prove, the dogs that are not domesticated and eat both meat and plant and has a mechanism to digest it well.

The domesticated dogs instinctively add the grass and plant in their diet. There are no strong evidence of eating grass directly links to a self –curing strategy in dogs. Some of the questions owners raise are “why do dog eat grass to throw up?” or “ I have seen my dog eating grass and vomiting yellow bile, why is it so?” some scientists  have also proved with research that dogs due to a  flatulence or upset stomach search out for a natural remedy.

Do Dogs Eat Grass

After ingestion of grass, the blades tickle the throat lining, this stimulus might cause the dog to vomit, especially if the grass is eaten without chewed. However, you should be a bit careful about dogs eating grass and being sick.

If your dog is trying to vomit with or without grass make sure to visit veterinarian. A veterinarian diagnose gastrointestinal issue with fecal material, physical test, blood test.

Blood test can indicates inflammation in GI tract, functioning and status of internal organs that are associated to gastrointestinal tract in dogs.

Also keep in mind about your dog eating grass and vomiting white foam, it shows that the stomach of your dog is extremely upset and it depicts the dog has eaten something not edible.


  1. Is it Possible Dog Eating Grass when they are Bored?

In few cases, dogs nibbles on grass just to pass time. So this might be the perfect answer to your question” why my dog eating grass all of a sudden?” your dog might be bored. Dogs love going to the backyard and it almost feels like heaven, from playing to hiding stuff, backyard is their inventory.

But when dogs do not find anything interesting over there, they start chewing grass instead of playing. So, if you are not providing your pup with mental and physical challenges they might be eating grass out of boredom.


  1. Is Eating Grass Dangerous for Dogs?

Most of the vet doctors say, eating grass is not dangerous for the health of your dog. Try keeping eye on your dog, if the dog eating grass frantically. Because, this might depict an underlying sickness in dogs. With puppies, try to be extra careful, especially the ones that are teething as consuming too much grass can lead to blockage in puppies.

If you notice that your dog is eating the house plant, then introduce cooked vegetable in their diet along with natural herbs. Try buying a small tray full of grass for sake of your dog. If the dogs constantly eat the outdoor grass, there is a great chance they might swallow in pesticides and herbicide which is very dangerous for the dog’s health.


  1. Should you let your Dog Eat Grass?

According to case studies conducted by several veterinarian, eating grass is a normal phenomenon in dogs. It might not hurt them but toxins present in garden grass causes dogs to throw up. If they are eating grass just for fun let them, only a bit sometimes will not harm them.

But, if they are chewing large amount of grass is not good and probably a bad sign. You can also grow herbs in your garden as snack for your canine friend.


Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

  1. Ways of preventing dogs from eating grass?

Dog owners ask questions like why do dogs eat grass and how to stop it? The first portion has already been answered in this article, let me answer the other part. Here are some ways of preventing dogs from chewing grass:

  • Adjustment in dog’s diet: change the dog’s food. Most of the time dogs nibble grass because of a nutritional insufficiency. Try giving your dog some other kind of food. Look forward for high fiber content in dog’s food. High fiber content in dog’s food can stop them from eating grass


  • Steamed vegetables: steamed vegetable is a good source of fiber for your furry friend. You can use broccoli, squash, sweet potato, spinach, carrots and peppers.


  • Try providing your dog with its own plant: having their own plant, can help them in staying away from grass and it also fulfill the instinctive desire of dogs for munching on green stuff for nutritional content.


  • Allow Munching of Grass: occasionally allow your dog to have some blades of grass if it is not creating any health consequence in dogs.


  • Try Engaging Dog: buy chewing toys. Give your dog plenty of chew stick and bones in order to be entertained. Also buy squishy toy for the dog.


  • Use scents to repel dogs: there are some scents that repel dogs from grass. Coffee and spice scent makes dogs go away from grass.


  1. Conclusion:

Why do dogs eat grass? This is the question mostly new dog owners ask. The exact answer as to why they eat grass is not known. In this article I have written down some of the reasons why dogs eat grass. Eating few blades of grass is good for you canine friend, only if it does not block the throat or cause gastrointestinal tract issues.

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Updated: March 21, 2017 — 3:02 pm

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