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Pediatric Eye Doctor- Child Vision Screening, Detection Of Eye Problems And Treatment


Eye care for children is not the same as adults because eyesight of children develops in the first few months to years rapidly. Therefore, according to health experts parents must bring their child to Pediatric eye doctor by the age of 3 years so that various problems can be diagnosed early. It is the responsibility of parents to take notice of the vision problems of their child in early stages and may wonder about the first eye exam of their child.

All the premature babies need a medical examination by an ophthalmologist. Eye examinations of children are very important in order to detect the vision problems. The detected eye problems in early period of life are easily treated. Eye vision problems are very common in Children. Research shows that about 5 to 10 percent of preschoolers and 25 percent of school-aged children suffer through vision problems. Early detected eye vision problems of the Child are very crucial because at this stage children are so much responsive and it is very easy to treat the eye vision problems at this stage.

Pediatric eye doctor

According to the American optometric Association it is very important to do eye examination infants after 6 months. It is necessary to have eye examination of children at the age of 3 and after that in 5 or 6 year of age. According to AOA, in case of no vision correction the child should have eye exams every 2 year. The children having the need of eye glasses or contact lens require eye examination on annual basis.

Who is a Pediatric eye doctor?

Pediatric eye doctor or ophthalmologist is a medical and surgical doctor who is graduated and specialized person in children eye care from the medical school. He especially deals the eye problem of the Children. He or she has a qualification and lot of training experience in children eye disorders. If your child has a vision problem and feels difficulty in reading or learning, or needs surgery or any medical treatment that is affecting the eyes then immediately consult with the pediatric ophthalmologist.

Pediatric eye doctor Care for Children

Children feel difficulty to give the reasonable answer of medical question during medical examination. They don’t cooperate and always hesitate, what to say or not. In order to solve this problem, an ophthalmologist is a best option for this purpose. A pediatrician has a wide range of treatment options because he or she has a most comprehensive and extensive training with great experience. He or she has the complete knowledge of children nature and he or she best knows, how to examine and treat the children in order to make them relax and cooperative.

Pediatric eye doctor uses some special equipment that is particularly designed for the children. During examination an ophthalmologist creates relax environments and comfortable condition for children to know about the level of their eye disorder. To make children cooperative and comfortable doctor arranges some waiting rooms where videos, toys, and interesting reading material are provided. With the help of these technique ophthalmologists examine the children eye disorders in order to treat them well.

Vision Screening of children:

Remember that, it is very important to treat child vision problems and other eye diseases as early as possible. If your child has a poor vision and he or she is unable to view a black board or cannot see print, then this problem will let down his academic performance. An appropriate vision testing is a best solution to detect the eye related problem in early stages.

Schedule Eye Exams for Children:

Routine eye exams are very important to detect the vision problem of your child. An eye doctor or your family doctor is a first medical professional who examine the eyes of your child. After the eye examination your doctor will decide the treatment as well. He or she may refer your child to an ophthalmologist or Pediatric eye doctor for further treatments in order to detect and diagnose the vision disorders.

Pediatric eye doctor

The level of eye examination depends upon the age of your child. The eye exams are then conducted when your child is happy and is in a position to may cooperate. In this examination the following things are involved to detect the actual eye problem such as, child overall history, vision testing, the need of eye glassless is determined if it required, checking of eye alignment, and overall health of the eye and discussion with you about the findings.

High risk of eye problems at early age:

There are some causes that seriously affect the eyes of the children. Too much use of computer is one the main reason that seriously affects the vision. Research shows that 25% to 30% children suffer through vision problem due to too much use of computer at home or at school.

It is observed that most of the children use computers  3 to 4 hours daily to perform some activities for example, to completing their homework, plying games, talking with their friends on line chat and etc. Even it has been noticed that children spend too much time on computer playing online games and use social media sites. They don’t really concentrate on physical activities. Too of much of mobile phone is also noticed among children. This thing seriously hurt their eyes. It is parent’s responsibility to guide their children to minimize the use of computer and use eyewear that is safe and comfortable way to use the computer. Here are some useful tips to avoid from the eye vision problem which develops due to the access and unsafe use of computer.

  • Always keep the computer screen at eye level or little bit lower to minimize its effects.
  • Keep the proper distance from the computer. The recommended distance is 18-28 inches. It is very risky to use computer closer than 18 inches.
  • Don’t allow your child to sit in front of computer for more than 40 minutes
  • It is parents and teacher responsibility to take notice of any discomfort indication in the eye of the children like eye redness, frequent rubbing in the eyes, head turns and unusual head postures, fatigue and blurriness in eyes.
  • Parents should not allow their children to use phones at early age.

Pediatric eye doctor

Types of Vision Problems Affecting the Children:

There are some types of vision problem that badly affect the children eyes. Some of these vision problems begin at that time when they are unable to speak. Refractive error is a vision problem that is commonly found in children. Due to this problem a child can not focus his or her eyes. In the eye examination, it is determined that how well a child eyes are focus on objects. Children cannot concentrate on their studies and complain headache so parents should notice the daily activities of children to know actual problem. Here are some common focusing problems are given;

Myopia (nearsightedness):

It is a refractive error; due to this problem your child cannot focus the objects clearly at a distance. This problem occurs when eyeball is too long, relative to the lens of the eyes and focusing power of cornea. In this problem the close object looks clear but the distant object seems blurred. It is very common problem that affect the Children. Research shows that 25% of American children suffer from this problem.

Hyperopia (farsightedness):

It is a common vision problem. Due to this problem the children cannot see the up close object however; they can see clearly the distant objects. If you feel that your child cannot see the object at a close range then he or she is hyperopic. This problem can be due to genetics or may be occur at birth. These problems develop in the children having shorter eyeball or cornea’s curvature too flat and this problem increases with the child growth.

Amblyopia (Lazy eye):

It is an eye vision problem which is also called lazy eye. It develops due to the poor vision of one or both eyes. This problem begins early in childhood and during infancy period. Amblyopic problem can be treated accurately in childhood that’s why it is very important to consult with the pediatric eye doctor to resolve this problem in its early stages. Otherwise it is untreatable in later.

There are 3 main types of amblyopic are given below.

  • Amblyopic occurs when eyes are crossed (strabismus).
  • Amblyopia occurs when refractive error present (need for glasses).
  • Amblyopic occurs, when blockage of vision is present For example, cataract or droopy eyelids).

Blocked Tear Ducts:

Babies experience tearing due to blocked tear ducts. The bock tear ducts is a very common problems of babies. This problem appears as tearing, crusting, and discharges from the eyes.

It is observed that, some time block tear ducts problem is temporary and disappear its own but some time the ducts remain blocked and a necessary procedure is performed to open them. If you feel this problem with your baby then don’t wait and consult with the pediatric ophthalmologist because some other diseases can be detected behind this tearing.

Eye Infections:

Usually children suffer through some eye infection in their childhood. The children receive ocular infection through school and play. If you feel some ocular infection in your child for example red eyes or drainage then immediately consult with ophthalmologist. He or she will prescribe some medication to treat the infections. Children are frequently exposed to ocular infections. So it is very important to keep eye on children in order to treat the eye infections as early as possible.

Eye Allergies:

Eyes are the windows of our soul and as well as the most sensitive part of our body. So we should take care of it. Mostly children suffer from eyes allergies in their childhood. These allergies usually occur when Children remain busy in some outdoor playing activities and they don’t take care of dirty environment. So they receive some ocular allergies. The ocular allergies are very common in children.

Allergy is a very common condition develops in the eyes when our eyes react to the thing which causes to irritate them. The children who suffer through eye allergies usually suffer through the nasal allergies with stuffy, sneezing and itchy nose. Avoid your children from allergic environment and in cause of any allergy with eyes immediately contact with your family doctor. Don’t allow your children to play in dirty areas otherwise he can get eye allergy from the environment.

How will I convince my child to wear glasses?

It is noticed that some children hesitate to wear glasses. I can have my own example in my mind as well, when I was in school then thing like black board was blurred to I try to sit in close benches and ovoid back benches but later sometime I was diagnosed with nearsightedness. My parents buy me glasses but I was shy to wear glasses in front of my teachers and school fellow. It is the story of every child these days. Once they are lucky enough to diagnose with actual problem but then they don’t like to wear glasses.

Some children don’t hesitate to wear glasses and they feel themselves much better with this new change. However, some children don’t accept this change in their life and they resist wearing the glass. It is parent’s concern to make comfortable fitting for them from a well experienced optician. The fittings should be a complete unique one which may keep the eyes in the center of the lens. Parents should convince their children to wear eye glasses. For this purpose they should use different tricks for example admiring them how cute they feel with glasses. When your children wear eye glass, keep them busy in different playing activities in order to adjust this new change in their life.

Pediatric eye doctor

If your child extremely resist the glasses and waist you’re all efforts then it is very important to consult with the Pediatric eye doctor again and discuss the other possible options.


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