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Pain on outside of foot Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies


Foot is the most important and complex structure of the body which is made up 26 bones, 33 joints, 120 muscles, nerves and ligaments.  Foot plays a vital role for the whole body. Any problem or pain in the foot disturbs the whole body activity. Research shows that women face more risk of foot pain then men.

Foot pain problem is very common this is because we almost rely 12 to 14 hours on our foot in daily routine. Feet carry the whole body weight and if once any problem with the feet happens, whole of the body routine disturbs very badly.

pain on outside of foot

It is estimated that approximately 75% of the people suffered through foot pain in their lives. In large cases the causes of foot pain are related with the shoes because most of us wear  the shoes of unnatural shapes or they don’t fit properly in our foot so they creates more risk of pain in our foot. Foot pain is very painful and it creates uncomfortable condition for everyone. It not only disturbs the whole body but it disturbs your daily work routine and concentration as well.

Foot pain usually develops due to many reasons. So, if you are facing foot pain then it is very important for you to know about its basic reasons. Here are some causes of pain on outside of foot which are given below in detail so it is your turn to check out the proper reason of your foot pain in order to reduce the pain.

Common causes of pain on outside of Foot:

Stress Fractures:

Stress fracture factor is a common issue of foot pain. It happens due to the breakage in the foot bone due to some overloading activities like jumping, kicking, and running when there is a muscle weakness and sudden increase in activity level.

When this fracture develops then some symptoms appear automatically like pain on top of the foot, swelling and inflammation is also beginning with it.

Tarsal Coalition

This occurs when 2 or more bones of foot are joined together with a bridge bone. Usually this happens in the 2nd decade of life. This problem is linked with genetics and it affects the children of 10-15 year old and they receive the foot pain, stiffness in the result of it. Usually Tarsal coalition problem is treated by surgery.


Arthritis play major role in order to develop the pain anywhere in the foot. The common 2 types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis known as inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis known as degenerative arthritis. The more common foot pain develops due to the rheumatoid arthritis. This inflammatory arthritis forms in the body due to high level of uric acid. This causes crystals to develop in foot joints and in the result pain develops in the foot.

 Ankle sprain:

Ankle sprain is one of the leading reasons of lateral foot pain. Due to this reason the pain on outside of foot occurs. Research shows that almost about 85 % of the ankle injuries cause lateral foot pain.  The symptoms of ankle sprain appear such as foot pain, swelling, bruising and instability etc.

Cuboids Syndrome:

Cuboids Syndrome causes to develop the lateral foot pain. It is the less common form that causes outside foot pain. Cuboids syndrome develops when the carbide (which is a small foot bone) partially dislocated from its original position due to injury such as ankle sprain. Due to this reason a pain on outside of foot occurs that can spread down towards the toes. This pain in the morning becomes very hard when some activities performed like jumping, walking or running.

pain on outside of foot

Home Remedies for Pain on outside of foot:

Here are some easy and effective home remedies for the treatment of lateral foot pain. These home remedies are given below in detail.

  • Rest is the best way of treatment to get relief from lateral foot pain. It plays a major role to keep you comfortable and relaxed especially when you are suffering from lateral foot pain. Always take enough rest in the condition of foot pain. On the other way, if you don’t take rest then your pain and inflammation will increase and it will be very difficult for you to come out from this pain. So always take care of yourself and take rest in foot pain condition. Rest will surly provide you great help against lateral foot pain.
  • Ice treatment is very effective home remedy to relief from foot pain. Its method of use is very simple. Take some ice and wrapped it in a towel or keep it in a plastic bag as you feel easy. Apply it on the affected area of the foot for about 20 minutes. This treatment works in a best way and gives you quick relief from foot pain and its inflammation.
  • Use of crutches is very effective method in foot pain. When you use crutches during walking it will provide you help to reduce weight over your foot and in the result it gives you enough help to relief pain
  • Apply simple band-aids to relief yourself from lateral pain when you got blister, corn and calluses on your foot which causes to lateral foot pain.
  • In cause of lateral foot pain along with swelling and inflammation never forget to use Epsom salt soaks method. This treatment is very effective and wonderfully because it plays vital role to minimize swelling and inflammation. Its method of use is very simple. Take some water, add Epsom salt in a higher quantity then soak your effected foot for 20 minutes daily. In order to feel comfort from pain you can use foam roller along the side of your foot. This type of treatment provides you quick relief against pain.
  • Muscle strengthening exercise is also a best way of treatment to relief from lateral foot pain. It provides help the affected muscle of your foot and strengthen it in a right way.
  • Doctor or physiotherapist advised stretches to minimize the lateral foot pain that is also very useful in this condition.
  • Some exercises like flexibility exercise that play vital role to improve the strength of affected foot muscle and makes it possible to manage the stress accurately.

Pain Medications:

Pain medication such as tylenolcan, aspirin and ibuprofen are very effective against lateral foot pain, swelling and inflammation. These medicines effects instantly and relief the pain and other related symptoms.


You must use the above mentioned remedies for pain on outside of foot but it is important to wear properly fitting shoes which give support to your feet while having activities like swimming, running, jogging preferring bicycling, etc


Updated: July 15, 2016 — 9:41 am

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