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Tendonitis foot Symptoms and Home Remedies

Tendonitis foot

Tendon is a thick cord of tissue that usually connects the mussels to bones. It is flexible, tough and fibrous that helps withstanding tension. Any problem with this tissue develops the pain, inflammation. That inflammation of tendon is called tendonitis. The Foot tendonitis causes of pain in the foot. Tendonitis foot pain: Tendonitis is an […]

How much do physical therapists make?

How much do physical therapists make

How much do physical therapists make? It is commonly asked question by people who want to seek their career in physical therapy. Physical therapists are doctors who are members of medical community and they play an important role in assisting the patients of injuries through proper physical therapy and rehabilitation. They monitor the overall condition […]

Can I give my dog ibuprofen?

Can I give my dog ibuprofen (2)

If you are unsure of the pain medicine to give to your dog then you have come to the right place because I would like to answer the question in detail. What can I give my dog for pain or Can I give my dog ibuprofen?  The answer to this question is simply “NO” because pain […]

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