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How much do physical therapists make?

How much do physical therapists make? It is commonly asked question by people who want to seek their career in physical therapy. Physical therapists are doctors who are members of medical community and they play an important role in assisting the patients of injuries through proper physical therapy and rehabilitation. They monitor the overall condition and recovery of patients who suffer from injuries, strokes or other such ailments which require physical rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy as a Career:

With the passage of time the career of Physiotherapy is getting its importance. These days you must have noticed that majority of hospitals have physical therapist.  The main job of the therapist is to deal with patients who are struggling from illnesses such as in disabilities, injuries or aging. There a number of people who require the services of these doctors include children and other people having strokes or sports injuries. The doctor identifies the Improvement and movement of body parts in his patients.  The main job of physical therapist is to help the patients in Rehabilitation process and help those who are having problems related to respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. The doctor prescribes the proper treatment plan for these patients that include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and application to equipment to manage the process of recovery.

How much do physical therapists make

Physical Therapy is considered as a good and stable career choice due to its potential growth and increase in salaries. These days majority of hospitals need the department of physical therapy because their services are necessary for patients struggling with trauma and injuries. These days’ people so much believe in therapy treatment given by physical therapy because a therapist knows the right kind of exercises which are required for fast recovery of serious patients. As a qualified doctor of physiotherapist you have various opportunities in front of you and show your interest. The opportunities arise in physiotherapy clinics, private clinics, sports clubs, nursing homes and football clubs. You can also do voluntary work as this will help you when applying for different jobs. If you want to get more experience then you can work as assistant worker as well.

How to become Physical therapist?

On order to become physical therapist, a person should get medical qualification of Doctor of Physical Therapy and it requires 3 years to qualify the doctor of physiotherapy exam.

What are the key skills for physiotherapists?

As a physiotherapist you need to have skills like

  • You should be able to manage your time perfectly
  • You must have the ability to build report with patients and communicate with patients and their relatives of variety of backgrounds
  • You must have the Tolerance and patience
  • You should be fit and healthy
  • You need to have interpersonal skills
  • You need to have team working skills

How much do physical therapists make? Average Salary

According to a survey the average salary of physical therapist in 2012 was $79,860. The median annual income of qualified therapist is $84,020. Those doctors of physical therapy who work in health care services or nursing homes get highest salaries in the industry. Those who are especially certified in specialized area get further increase in their monthly earnings.

How much do physical therapists make

You must note down the fact that geographic location of physiotherapist doctor also impacts in increase or decrease of his monthly earning. Those areas of United State that are highly populated need the services of physical therapists and in those areas they Doctors get high salaries as compared to other areas of country. However, you must note the fact that therapists are also required in less populated areas. Those places offer high salaries in order to attract qualified doctors in their area.

In United States Physical therapists make a six figure income but how much do physical therapists make depends on factors which play an important role in overall salary of person just as job type, qualification, grade, additional certificates and job location. The lowest earners are making $56,800 and highest earners are making up to $116,090. Moreover, the staring salary of physiotherapist is $56,800.

How much do physical therapists make

This field of medical science is getting importance with the passage of time and now more positions are opened as compared to the past years. According to an estimate, till 2022 there would be 36 percent increase in vacancies of physiotherapists. The reason why these doctors are getting importance is due to Rehabilitation treatments because more people need fast recovery and they want services of qualified therapists.

Work Environment of Therapists:

These doctors of physical therapy get full time job in clinics, nursing homes, health care centers and hospitals. Most of doctors work in regular routine from Monday to Friday routine. However, many clinics remain open on Saturdays, evenings or weekends as well. Many physicians or health experts refer various patients to physiotherapists in order to improve the physical activity of patients suffering from pain and discomfort.

How much do physical therapists make

These doctors help the patients who are struggling with health conditions like chronic injuries or those using various tools like wheelchairs, walkers or exercise equipment.

What are the responsibilities of a Physiotherapist?

A physical therapist doctor has many responsibilities such as

  • He works with patients and their families over the period of weeks or months to treat and indentify their actual problem
  • The review the treatment plan and encourage his patients of quick recovery
  • He help his patients to do various physical exercises and use different techniques
  • He especially helps the patients of strokes, accidents and other physical injuries
  • He also assists the patients having spinal cord problems, rehabilitation and surgeries
  • He supervises and assists the students of physiotherapy or other support workers
  • He also educates the patients about their problem and find out ways to improve their lifestyle
  • He keeps his patients up to date with latest techniques and technology which are helpful for quick recovery
  • He also contacts other healthcare doctors to discuss the case history of his patient and discusses about the progress of his patient
  • He may refer his patients to other doctors to treat any specific problem
  • He is caring and passionate all the time giving hope to his patients

Which types of patients need the services of Physical Therapists?

Those who suffer from conditions like injury, strains, sprains or fractures need the care and services of physical therapy. Moreover, stroke patients, arthritis patients and amputation patients also require the assistance of therapists. Each of these mentioned patients receive different kind of therapy. Every case is different from the other so a doctor has to deal with every patient according to the treatment plan.

How much do physical therapists make

In various hospitals these doctors work along with nurses and assistance as per requirement of patients and follow a complete treatment plan. The duty of therapist is to analyze and observe improvement of patient. He carefully measures the progress of his patients and gives reports to other doctors. He uses various exercising tools for fast recovery from the injury. He educates the patient about his overall condition and also tells him the preventive measures. Due to these specialties, the salary of doctors varies from one to another.

Types of Physiotherapists:

There are various types of physiotherapy treatments and it depends on the muscular or skeletal condition of a patient. Often, you must note that physiotherapy treatments are different for every person because of different types of injury. There are various types of physiotherapist such as they work in a wide range of Hospital departments which include:

  • Department of geriatric medicine
  • Department of intensive care
  • Department of mental health
  • Department of occupational health
  • Department of outpatients
  • Department of orthopedics
  • Department of pediatrics
  • Department of stroke services
  • Department of women’s health

They use various methods and techniques like heat therapy, electrical stimulation, ROM exercises, soft tissue mobilization and other techniques. So, how much do physical therapists make depends on the techniques the uses and his job type plus location also matters. It is the reason why they get highest salaries.

Importance of Physiotherapy for Health:

No one can ignore the importance of physiotherapy because it the solution of different types of body pain. Various studies have shown that physiotherapy is an effective tool against chronic injuries or mild pains. Sometimes medicines don’t work that effectively but physical therapy helps the patient to get rid of severe body pains as result of injuries or other illnesses. Majority of complications in joins can be successfully treated with this branch of medical science because therapist knows the right kind of exercises and treatments which make the joints moveable.

How much do physical therapists make

The doctor of physical therapy assist the patient to get rid of problems like muscle tenancy and immobility and he treats his patients with exercise like stretches, heat therapy, traction or massage therapy. You must have noticed that people suffer from serious headache so they use painkillers which have serious side effects but physical therapy helps these patients to get rid of throbbing head pain without any side effects. So we cannot deny the importance of physiotherapy as it help the patients escape from pain of number of physical and mental ailments. You can check the importance of these techniques because they help to treat the patients of cough, whiplash and other neuromuscular disorders. Now-a-days these doctors are getting competitive salaries in the world and no one has doubt about how much do physical therapists make.

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