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Headache on top of head causes, facts and treatment

Headache on top of head is among the most common type of headache and it is also known as tension type headache. According to a new scientific research, it is believed that the pain basically starts from muscles, joints and then ligaments of neck. It has been noticed that headache happens due to certain way of lifestyle and it is improved when we make healthy changes in our lifestyle. Here in this article, I would like to discuss the causes, reasons and possible treatment of headache on top of head.

Common Symptoms of Headache on top of head:

Some people experience throbbing headache on top of head while others feel mild headache on top of head. Some people complain about headache on left side while others feel it on right side. All these are symptoms of tension type headache. Some common symptoms are

  • Pressure around forehead
  • Tenderness around forehead
  • Mild Head pain
  • The pain last from 30 minutes to few days
  • This pain interrupt the concentration
  • Headache goes worse in the late hours of day

Some people get confused this headache with migraine. But you need to notice that in migraines people have nausea and vomiting feeling and they are sensitive to light. However, in rare case people with tension type headache are sensitive to noise and bright lights.

Headache on top of head

How long Tension Type Headache Lasts:

You must have noticed that tension type headache mostly happens in the evening or afternoon. You will notice dull pain or tightness in the area of head. In some cases, people feel tight band around their head. This type of head pain can last from 2 hours to few days or weeks. In some cases, people experience this headache regularly and it is due to stressful life. This type of headache is caused by various factors.

Causes of Tension Type Headache:

Usually, this type of headache is caused by muscular contractions in the area of neck and head but in various cases, some foods trigger the headache as well such as soda drinks, caffeine, alcohol etc. Some people get this headache after starring on their laptop screen for long time or driving for long hours. In some cases, change of temperature plays a role in triggering the pain. According to the research, there are some genetic factors involved as well which means that some people have more tendencies to get this type of head pain as compared to others. I would like to summarize the causes below as

  • Eye strain
  • Fatigue
  • Cold temperature or flue
  • Poor body posture
  • Caffeine or alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Emotional disturbance or stress

Tips to get relief from headache on top of head:

There are tips and remedies to cure the problem of tension type headache but sometimes, it becomes difficult to figure out the factors responsible for tension type headache but still you can try out various remedies to cure your head pain. First and very important thing which needs to be discussed here is the lifestyle a person has. Some people don’t have healthy lifestyle like they don’t get proper sleep, consume caffeine, alcoholic drinks, late night eating and not getting up in the morning. If you have this type of lifestyle and you experience headache then you need to change your routine and habits as well. You will notice that once you change your habits then you will feel better and do better in your life. Sometimes, stress can cause headache so you need to live stress free life with healthy lifestyle. Look at the possible remedies which help to relief from headache on top of head.

Headache on top of head

Drink More Water:

The easiest solution to release tension type pain is to drink more water. It is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Your body should be hydrated otherwise you will notice yellow color urine. You need to notice the color of urine, if your urine color is yellow it means your body needs water. If the color of urine is clear then it is fine. According to the research, when body is not hydrated then level of histamine increases which react to minute stress in the body. This increase of level makes your muscles tense and turns on the trigger points. Therefore, doctors suggest drinking a glass of every 30 minutes before every meal. Never give a chance to your body to be dehydrated.


If you are consuming caffeine on daily basis then you might be inviting headache because caffeine steals water from your body and make you dehydrated so it creates headache. Secondly, some people are sensitive to caffeine so they get headache. If you are coffee lover or drink caffeinated drinks then you need to cut off them from your diet. Once you do that, you will clearly notice positive change in your health.

Body Posture:

Posture plays a critical role because it effects on your muscles. How you use your muscles throughout the days matters a lot. It can be noticed from your sleep position, driving position or other activities you perform on daily basis. You must have noticed that people, who work on computers, complain head pain. It is because of their body posture throughout the day. You need to consider this fact as well.

Trigger Points:

You need to find the trigger points of body because muscles which create headache are tighten by trigger points and you need to deactivate the trigger points. Put pressure on the trigger points and repeat the process. You will notice that your head pain is getting mild.


You might be taking pain killers like aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen but pain killers should not be used regularly otherwise you may develop medication induced pain which is harmful for the body. Actually, when you take pain killer for longest time then your body develops pain sensors so headache develops when you don’t take pain killers because your body is used to it. Best possible treatment is to have healthy diet, proper sleep and regular exercise. Physiotherapy also helps but you need to reduce the level of stress from your life when you want to get rid of headache on top of head.

Updated: July 12, 2016 — 11:07 am

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