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Suffering from headache in back of head

Headache in back of head

Why am I having Headache in back of head ?

Are you facing a constant headache? Just wondering why you have a headache in the back of head or on the top of head? It is of significant importance to identify the causes and reasons of having headaches to treat it promptly. A headache can bring discomfort, uneasiness, anxiety, and stress. A constant headache can hinder your daily chores and can lead to a hard life. So, today we are going to get into the detail of various types of headaches that can help you to analyze and identify the kind of a headache that you are having. The list of these headaches will help you to give a name to what your headache feels like.

Tension Headache

The most common of all are Tension headaches. There is a continuous band of pressure around the head that causes heaviness and stress that leads to a headache in back of head. At times, the problem is triggered due to the contraction present in the neck and muscles. Over the counter treatments are considered best to treat tension headaches.

Headache in back of head

This type of a headache is not serious in nature and often do not require medication from doctors. Over the counter medicines provides remedy to a tension headache.

Cluster headaches

This type of a headache is more common amongst men as compared to women. This type of a headache is recurring in nature, and it occurs in periodic cycles. It usually results in consort with watery eyes, runny nose or nasal congestion on just one side of the face. The condition of the patient is different from the one with migraine attack. Usually, the person feels restlessness and would be incapable of laying down with ease.  The root cause of a cluster headache is still unidentified. Doctors and scientists have not being able to identify the reason or cause that triggers a cluster headache.

Intense Rebound headaches

There are instances when people misuse medicines and take them frequently to get rid of headaches. This ironically leads to an extreme level where the overuse of painkillers results in rebound headache. Ibuprofen, aspirin and Tylenol are few of the over the counter medicines that are frequently taken by the patients without medical prescription by the doctors. After the frequency and intensity of a headache become unbearable, patients come to the physician to retune their system. The overuse of these medicines makes a person frantic, and it becomes difficult for him t.

Migraines headaches

Migraine headaches are generally known by people. This occurs due to a neurological disorder that might be a result of inheritances. People refer their common headache problem to a migraine headache when in actual it is not Migraine headache. This type of headache results in a throbbing sensation in the head that hinder the daily activities of an individual. The doctors analyze the patient history to identify whether the traces of this headache are found in the patient or not. In a migraine headache, an individual experiences headaches that last longer i.e. four hours to up to 72 hours. Another symptom of migraine headache is that it can also cause nausea and vomiting.

Updated: July 12, 2016 — 10:59 am

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