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Can I give my dog ibuprofen?

If you are unsure of the pain medicine to give to your dog then you have come to the right place because I would like to answer the question in detail. What can I give my dog for pain or Can I give my dog ibuprofen?  The answer to this question is simply “NO” because pain medicines like ibuprofen are harmful for animals and even fatal in some cases.

No one wants to see their pet in pain but when it comes to pain medicine then they are very confused about the safe drugs they need to give to their dog. Actually there is difference of metabolism between dogs and human so medications which are safe for humans are considered dangerous for dogs.

When you are confused about the pain medicine then you must speak to veterinarian first because in this way you can avoid the mistakes which results to make your dog more ill.

What are the signs of pain in your pet?

Every dog is an individual and he reacts to the pain in his own way.  So if you are noticing the odd behavior of your dog then you could be right in terms of pain and discomfort. Your dog expresses the following ways to show the pain such as restless, unable to sleep or disturbance in sleep, aggression, and lack of appetite, lameness and others.

 What are the causes of pain?

According to health experts pain comes from various conditions such as bone fracture, low grade arthritis are the main reasons of pain. We notice that every individual feels different threshold of pain so same rule is applied to the dogs because every dog is different. There are various Causes of pain in pets such sprain, cancer, surgery and other long-term causes.

Sometimes the causes of pain are surgical procedures done by veterinarian. The pet experiences pain when anesthesia fade off then pet feels discomfort after surgery. You should always follow the advice of your doctor in terms of pain medication you want to give to your dog and don’t hesitate to call in case of emergency.

Many pet owners give their dogs pain relief medicine in case of sprain because they want they dog to stay active. Can I give my dog ibuprofen in pain? Is the common question arises in the minds of those dog owners. Another common cause of pain and discomfort is arthritis so pet doctor prescribe special medication to get relief from pain.

Signs and Symptoms after giving Ibuprofen:

If accidentally you gave your dog the pain medicine that it can be a serious matter so you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. You have to carefully look for symptoms such as weakness, lethargy, diarrhea, stomach pain and loss of appetite in your pet. More serious symptoms are seizures and halitosis which require emergency life saving veterinary services.

You must be loving owner who want to help their dog to ease the pain but you have to be aware of mild or chronic side effects of medicines.  Do you know that you are taking a big risk because you are playing with your pet’s life? Ibuprofen is included among the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and this medicine is known to harm the central nervous system of your dog.

Not only central nervous system but kidney failure and it can lead to comma or even death. Although, some people claim that you can give small amount of ibuprofen to your dog but why to give harm to your dog.

Can I give my dog ibuprofen (2)

What are the possible options for pain relief?

Many people still don’t know that pain medicines which are safe for humans can be dangerous for dogs so it is difficult to know about the safe medications for your pet until and less you don’t go to animal doctor. It is advised that always take prescription of veterinarians for pain killers for pets. If you dog are having problem of kidney or blood clotting or digestive problem then never ever give your dog the painkillers without the permission of doctor.

Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are known as NSAIDs these drugs helps to reduce any kind of stiffness swelling or joint pains in humans and you can give them to your dogs as well if your dog recently has head surgery then this medicine works for him but do you know that there are certain medicine which are only for dogs such as;

  • Meloxicam
  • Deracoxip
  • Ceraprofen

These medicine are safe for dogs and they don’t have any side effect how ever in rare cases they can cause kidney failure and digestive problems, you have to look for various symptoms in your dog such as behavior changes such as redness changes on skin, diarrhea then you should immediately call the doctor because it may be the bad reaction of medicine.

Can I give my dog ibuprofen?

Never ever give your medicine to dog without a valid description from veterinarian. Despite this information the question needs a precise answer. can I give my dog ibuprofen? We should never give our dog medicine like aspirin or ibuprofen. These medicines are dangerous for your pets because they inhibit the enzyme known as cyclooxygense which is responsible for the production of prostaglandins which promotes fever pain and inflammation.

As a result your dog can get problems like bleeding disorder lever failure and even death. As an owner you should never give high dose of these drugs because they can develop dangerous side effects and there are also other pain killer such Tylenol to dogs without supervision of its doctor because he is the only knowledge of dogs health history and he can make proper diagnoses and design the safe treatment plan after monitoring the overall position of your pet.

How to treat your dog without Medicines?

Some people prefer to treat their dog pain without medication because they don’t want to give them medicine and they look for alternated ways like exercise proper diet and massage. They don’t let their dog to gain extra pounds because it will surely put pressure on joints of your pet. Acupuncture is another procedure which is used to treat the condition of inflammation and pain in dogs by promoting blood circulation and muscle relaxation.


This type of pain medicine is not at all safe for your dog and should never be given to your pet.  According to a survey many dogs have died from this drug.  Can I give my dog ibuprofen? So Instead of ibuprofen, you should concern the animal doctor and ask about proper medicines and prescription for your dog.

The dog must be given the medicine which is specifically made for dogs to ease the pain.

Updated: March 21, 2017 — 1:37 pm

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