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Baby Aspirin for Dogs Proven Facts

Dogs are very sensitive they feel pain like human. Accidents and foods poisoning are two common factors that occur with the dogs every day. However, Human beings can tell their pain but dogs cannot do that. It is very difficult to detect the pain in dogs. The dogs cannot show or cannot explain the type of pain. After all, there are some symptoms that help to detect the pain in dogs. The sign of pain in dogs are commonly vocal for example constant barking upon a slight touch, depression, avoidance of favorite activities, inability to exercise, unfriendly behavior, quick and loudly breathing, snapping at the lightest touch. If you feel these symptoms in your normal friendly dog then should consult immediately with your vet and he will suggest you suitable baby aspirin for dogs.

Baby Aspirin for Dogs

Can I Give My Dog Baby Aspirin?

Aspirin is a safe medicine for humans. It is also used for dogs in the primary condition of pain and inflammation. This medicine is useful for dogs only when you use it according to the recommended limit.

Aspirin is made for humans not for pets. You can only give it to your dog for 5 days. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory drug that is use for dogs in the condition of arthritis and other joint problem for a short period of time.

It is very important for you to keep the age limit of your dog in your mind before using the aspirin. Never use aspirin to puppies as it can be dangerous for them. The doses of aspirin should be adjusted according to your dog body weight. Remember, it is mostly safe for adult dogs not for puppies

Baby Aspirin for dogs is commonly used in the primary condition of pain. Remember; don’t use it to dogs with the empty stomach. It is better to give them aspirin with food. Always check aspirin and other medicine to your vet before using.

How much aspirin for dogs

The standard size of aspirin is 320 mg and the baby aspirin is 80mg. You need to give proper dose to your dog. Over dose of aspirin for dogs is harmful. Aspirin can be extremely dangerous for dogs when it given in higher doses for about 30 mg per pound for example baby aspirin is toxic when it given to a dog whose weight is less than 2 pounds. So it is important to consult with the vet before using the aspirin. However, the recommended dose for dog is as follows

  • The daily recommended dose of aspirin is 5 mg to 10 mg per pound of your dog’s weight.
  • If this dose doesn’t relief the pain properly then consult with your vet. He or she may gradually increase the dose limit according to your dog health condition.

Baby Aspirin for Dogs

Can I give a dog ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug that is used for humans in the condition of fever, pain and inflammation. Usually dogs have very similar body pain like humans. Ibuprofen is very safe for human but unfortunately it is harmful for dogs. If your dog has pain then it is important for you to avoid the use of ibuprofen.

Research shows that ibuprofen is like a poison for dogs. So if your dog has pain then you have two options. First to give him baby aspirin and secondly you must need to check up your dog to veterinarian. To escape your dog from the danger, Remember one thing, always check the label on the medicine and make sure that it doesn’t contain ibuprofen.

Can I use Baby aspirin for dogs?

Now when people ask how can I use baby Aspirin for dogs?  Baby aspirin is a low dose aspirin for dogs. It is effective medicine for dogs in the condition of fever, pain and inflammation. Many people believe that it keeps the heart to stay healthy and prevent you from the danger of heart attack. This idea doesn’t sense for dogs as well and also doesn’t justify properly for human. You cannot use such a supplement for a long period of time.

Baby Aspirin for Dogs

Baby aspirin is a safe type of medicine for dogs. However, its high dose can develop the stomach ulcer. So you need to use it according to recommended dose limit.

It is very important for you to understand that the high amount of baby aspirin (30mg per pound) is also a poison for dogs having weight 2 pounds or less. For you, one of the better options is that to consult first with the vet before using the medicine. The vet has the usage chart or guide. With the help of this chart you can give the correct dose of baby aspirin to your dog in order to get rid of problem.

One baby aspirin tablet contains 80mg of aspirin while the standard tablet has 320 mg. It is recommended that one tablet of baby aspirin twice a day is suitable for per 16 Pound dogs’ weight.

Baby aspirin side effects for dogs:

The side effects of baby aspirin can possibly develop in some cases. These side effects are same in dogs as well as in humans.

  • Aspirin can upset the stomach of your dog when it used for a long period of time. So it is need to use buffered aspirin in spite of baby aspirin with the advice of your vet.
  • The use of aspirin for a long time is harmful it can develop ulcer in your dog stomach as well. If your dog is using aspirin for a long time then it is your responsibility to test his stool in a vet laboratory.
  • Aspirin causes to blood thinning.
  • If your dog is already suffering from kidney disease then avoid the use of aspirin it may create further more critical problem for your dog.

Baby Aspirin for Dogs

Aspirin for Dogs with Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition that mostly hurts older dogs’ .In this condition the dogs suffer through pain and stiffness of joints. In some cases swelling, redness and change in the shape of joint occurs. Many other medicines are used to overcome this condition but those medicines have a lot of side effects. In order to be prevented from side effects medicines Baby aspirin is usually used in this condition to relief from pain and swelling of the joints.

If your dog is suffering from arthritis then you need to check up your dog from the vet. He or she will decide that what kind of medicine is best for your dog. I hope this article describes facts about baby aspirin for dogs.


Updated: March 17, 2018 — 6:25 pm

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