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15 Causes of Pain in back of head

What causes pain in back of head?

There are a number of causes why pain occurs in the back of head because spine is a complex structure and muscles of spine cause problems in the back of head. The developing pain in back of head is generally temporary. It is easily treated with the help of some important useful home remedies. However, in case of severe and frequent pain condition, you need medical treatment. This type of pain is very hurting and doesn’t leave you easily; it always requires special treatment and cure. If you feel the serious condition of pain in the back of your head, then don’t forget to visit the doctor. Your doctor will examine your pain condition and diagnosed the problem with the help of some blood tests and x-rays in order to know serious condition of pain. Your tests results will help to sought out the critical conditions like tumors, meningitis and stroke as well.

Pain in back of head

Most common 15 Causes of Pain in back of head:

Strain in Muscles:

Muscles strain occurs as a result of muscle injury due to accident or sports injury and as a result muscles are torn or ruptured to cause serious pain, swelling or inflammation. This type of pain can be easily treated with ice, pain killer like ibuprofen or muscle stretching exercises up to 72 hours. Doctor recommends more exercises to relieve the pain.

Poor Posture:

According to an estimate great number of Americans spends their day over a computer desk without considering their posture. Doctors say that weak posture cause a lot of pressure on the ligaments and muscles required holding the head. Therefore, poor posture leads to muscles strain as a result muscles become weak and they lose their flexibility. Poor posture leads to pain in back of head and neck.


Migraine is a serious type of pain which commonly affect the people between 15-55 years of age. It has been noticed that in most cases women get migraine as compared to men. The one thing which is important to know that its actual cause is still unknown, but some common reasons of this pain are anxiety, lack of sleep, fatigue, tension and stress etc.

Margarine is the pain which commonly don’t develop in the back of your head however; when it starts you feel a postulating pain in the head. In some cases it is experienced in the back of the head and sometimes in the neck. Some symptoms are associated with this pain which are vomiting, nausea, light and sound sensitivity etc.

Cluster Headache

This pain is the type of migraine. It can occur anywhere in the head but generally it begins around one eye and then radiate to the other parts of your face. This pain remains active for 6 hours up to even 12 weeks. It usually starts every day or several times a day and continued for 15 minutes to 3 hours. Like migraine its actual causes are still largely unknown. The people of 20 to 50 year of age are affected from it however it can develop in any age.

In serious cluster headache cases oxygen and sumatriptan injections are used otherwise verapamil is a drug that is a best one for this pain.

Ice-Pick Headache

It is a very painful form of headache. It lasts for several seconds and suddenly disappears automatically. It repeats itself seconds by seconds. During its attack you feel that someone just hit you in the head with an ice pick. This pain occurs in the same place as migraine. In some cases ice pick headache feel on the neck, the pain in the back of head and it may occur around the eyes as well.

The main reason of ice pick headache has not yet known accurately. However some studies linked this pain with blood vessel disease, cranial trauma and cranial lesion but nothing is justified.

Temporal Arthritis

It is the inflammation or damage of the medium and large arteries that are the main source of blood supply to the head and brain. It is difficult to diagnose the actual reason for it however; it is being supposed your immune response is the reason for it.

Studies show that, people who get affected from the danger of temporal arthritis are those who suffer through serious infection and they use large amount of antibiotics. The treatment of this disease is done by steroids.

Parkinson’s disease

Research shows that the people who suffered from the Parkinson’s disease generally complain the pain in back of head. This disease puts bad effect on the whole body health due to its serious conditions. The shooting pain in the back of head may develop as a result of it. In this disease the blood pressure of some patients gets low so it can be the reason of this pain.

Brain Tumor

The people, who suffer through the brain tumor, feel the shooting pain in back of head. It is not the common symptom for brain tumor patients although they may experience the back of head pain.

Cough Headache

The back head pain may occur due to cough but this is not the actual reason of the pain however, some people feel head pain during coughing disease. There is a lot of need for more investigation to determine the main reason of back head pain.

Research shows that coughing can be a cause for headache. Mostly people suffered through back head pain due to coughing. The reason behind that is when you cough, it increases the pressure in your head and this pressure may develop the dull pain in back of head.

High Altitude Headache

Research shows that High altitude headache develops the pain in the whole head. Some patients suffer from serious condition of pain when there is exertion. The main reason for this is they cannot get enough supply of oxygen at high altitude. Due to this reason headache, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping can develop. High altitude can be dangerous. So there is needed to take special care when you go at high altitudes.

Pain in back of head

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is also known as the break bone fever. It is a debilitating viral disease caused when an infected mosquito bites the human, and its virus is transmitted in the human blood. Its virus causes symptoms like high fever, headache, pain, rashes, vomiting and nausea. It is noted in number of causes that dengue fever go itself about a week but in rare cases the condition of patient become dangerous accompanied by prolong illness for long time.

If you notice the symptoms of dengue fever then immediately visit a doctor. No medicine or vaccine is available to treat the dengue fever however, it controlled by giving lot of fluids to escape from dehydration and getting enough rest.

Orgasmic Headache

Sexual activity is the main reason that causes this headache. It is noted that both men and women suffer through this pain when they are involved in a sex. Research shows that about 1 in 100 people got this headache at some point in their life when they do sex.

 It is usually a bilateral headache (usually not migraine) that occurs in the head and the neck. The pain increases as the sexual activity increases. This headache becomes more severe when you stand. This headache has a short duration however in some cases it creates serious condition when its duration increases from 4 hours to 24 hours. If you experience orgasmic headache then you should visit immediately to a doctor. .

Pain in back of head

Ice Cream Headache:

This headache remains for at least 5 minutes and then automatically disappears itself. It develops by an ice cream or any other cold material which last in your mouth for about minutes or so.

 The reason, why Ice cream head ache develops is very simple. According to a statement it is not the dangerous type of headache but when anything very cold touches the palate then certain nerves is set off so nerves cause the blood vessels of head to swell up. Therefore due to quick change of temperature your head is hurt and many people call it brain freeze as well.

Cervicogenic headache

It is the most common type of pain in the head especially pain in back of head. The pain is mostly located at one side of head and then radiates to other side of head. Most common reasons of this pain include poor posture, injuries of neck and other minor injuries. People who work for long hours with prolong uncomfortable posture get this type of headache. Although it is not limited to older people but yes they get back head pain often.

Occipital Neuralgia

 Occipital neuralgia is a neurological disorder that causes the throbbing pain in back of head. This pain begins on one side and it may radiate to the top of the head and eye.

Occipital neuralgia develops the worst pain feeling such as sharp, jabbing electric shock in back of the head and in the neck.  There are many other symptoms related with it such as

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Pain behind the eye
  • Pain on one side of the head or both sides,
  • Tenderness of scalp
  • Aching, burning and throbbing pain that initially begins from the base of the head and leads to the scalp
  • You feel pain when you move your neck
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